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    I'm a 27-year old growth hacker, investor, and technologist. For the last five years, I have been laser-focused on international expansion for technology companies, most recently at Square. I'm currently an MBA/MA International Studies dual degree candidate at the Wharton School and the Lauder Institute. On campus, I'm deeply involved in the student entrepreneur community as an active Partner at the Dorm Room Fund.


    In my spare time, I serve on the executive boards of organizations involved in politics, culture, and philanthropy. This work has taken me around the world - from advising domestic violence shelters in Peru to touring the first grocery store in North Korea. I think the future of the world rests on global solutions, and I intend to help create them. I am passionate about making a difference, particularly in bringing the bottom of the pyramid into the 21st century. I collaborate with amazing people everyday to figure out how to solve the biggest problems of our time.


    I look up to people like Elon Musk, Jeff Sachs, and Jack Kennedy. Subjects that interest me include philosophy, poetry, music, history, technology, and culture. On a completely free day, chances are good that you'll find me binge watching shows on Netflix, nerding out at a cool happy hour spot, or digging into the sand at the beach.



    The Immigrant Experience

    I'm an immigrant in America. From a young age, I was told stories of my family's extraordinary experience through a century of revolution, famine, and struggle. They set an example. Dad taught me compassion. Mom taught me pragmatism. Grandma taught me to be fearless and Grandpa taught me the power of words. My little brother taught me responsibility. All of them prepared me to strive toward a life worth living.


    The San Francisco Bay Area

    I was born overseas in an icy northern province of China. As a kid, I spent a lot of perfect summers in Seattle. However, for me, home will always be the suburbs of Silicon Valley. There's no place like it. The atmosphere is electric with infinite possibility. I grew up blocks away from the garage where Jobs and Wozniak, who went to my high school, built the first Apple computer. It was and still is the center of my world.


    At these institutions, I focused my intense curiosity and had the best years of my life.

    University of Pennsylvania

    Graduate | MBA at The Wharton School

    Graduate | MA International Studies at The Lauder Institute

    Graduate | Certificate in Integrated Product Design

    Ranked #1 Business School in the United States


    I am currently an MBA/MA International Studies dual degree candidate at the Wharton School and the Lauder Institute. I am focused on the East and Southeast Asia region. I am also studying Integrated Product Design at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Graduate school has opened many doors.

    Stanford Graduate School of Business

    Postbaccalaureate | Summer Institute for General Management

    Ranked #1 Business School in the United States


    I took a brief sabbatical from consulting to attend a highly selective postbaccalaureate program in management at Stanford Graduate School of Business, a world class institution located in the heart of Silicon Valley. I took courses in financial modeling, econometrics, and statistics from brilliant faculty. I earned a Dean's Award for academic achievement as well as highest honors for a capstone project analyzing the international expansion strategy of Square.


    University of Cambridge

    Study Abroad | Pembroke-Kings Program

    Ranked #1 University in the United Kingdom


    I had the honor of studying abroad for a full term at the University of Cambridge, one of the oldest universities in the world. I stayed at King's College and joined the Cambridge Union Society. As a visiting student, I conducted research and completed a thesis on global brand strategy with DPhil candidates at the Judge School of Business. After the term, I had the opportunity to backpack throughout most of continental Europe and parts of Africa. The experience fundamentally changed my life.


    University of California, San Diego

    Undergraduate | Global Business, Political Science, and Psychology

    Ranked Top Ten Public University in the United States


    I had the distinct privilege of earning my undergraduate education at UC San Diego, a Public Ivy noted for research and social mobility. As a triple major student, I designed my own Global Business degree under the supervision of an Asia-Pacific strategy professor from the IR/PS Graduate School and conducted research in International Relations and Social Psychology. Beyond academics, I was deeply involved in the student community and served as Interfraternity Council President.


  •  I seek the challenges that are worthwhile.




    I want to be an active participant in driving the economy of the future.

    Dorm Room Fund

    Partner| 2017 - Present

    Investing In The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs


    I've recently been named a Partner on the Investment Team of the Dorm Room Fund. We are a $1M student-run venture fund backed by First Round Capital that focuses on investing in student-founded companies. Over the last five years, the firm has invested in 150 startups that have gone to raise $300M in follow-on capital.



    International Expansion | 2016 - 2017

    Democratizing Commerce Through Mobile Payments


    I had the opportunity to take point on international expansion at Square, a $15B publicly traded fintech company focused on mobile payments. I work with a cross-functional team of people from product, engineering, sales, marketing, risk, compliance, and legal to launch our products in new countries in Europe. I am thrilled to be helping small merchants grow their businesses around the world.



    International Expansion | 2015 - 2016

    Revolutionizing Advertising Through Mobile Video


    I cut my teeth on international expansion at Vungle, an adtech startup focused on mobile video advertising. I helped build the business in China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and India. I analyzed opportunities in emerging markets, developed go-to-market strategy, and scaled the company's global footprint. I watched the smartphone revolution take place in developing countries around the world.



    Management Consultant | 2012 - 2014

    Advising The Fortune 500 in Emerging Markets


    I launched my career as a management consultant at Bainbridge. At the firm, I had the exciting opportunity to specialize in global strategy. I've worked closely with Fortune 500 companies and major nonprofit organizations in the education, healthcare, and technology sectors to develop growth strategy in key emerging markets. It's been a pleasure watching the global economy unfold before my eyes.



    I feel strongly compelled to help those who can't help themselves.

    Bayes Impact

    Head of Growth  | 2014 - 2015

    Evangelizing Data Science for Social Good


    I put my career on hold for six months to take point on growth at Bayes Impact, a Y-Combinator backed nonprofit that uses data science to solve urgent social challenges. We recruited world-class data scientists to work with leading nonprofit and civic organizations, such as the White House and the Gates Foundation. I joined the founding team as the first non-technical hire. In our first year, we raised $1.3 million and ran a hackathon sponsored by Jerry Yang and Joe Lonsdale.


    180 Degrees Consulting

    Head of Growth | 2013 - 2017

    Mentoring Students in Social Impact Consulting


    I work pro bono for 180 Degrees Consulting, the world's largest student-driven nonprofit consultancy. As an international organization spanning 18 countries, we empower students at leading universities to solve critical nonprofit challenges and drive social impact. I serve as the Head of Growth. I'm involved in the rapid expansion of the organization in North America. Other key projects my team and I have focused on include quantifying social impact, planning conferences, and fundraising. Highlight so far has been collaborating with Professor Jeffrey Sachs.


  • I've been given the gift of relentless optimism and determined purpose.




    I have a knack for getting involved in things I care about. 



    Growing up in Silicon Valley sparked in me a deep interest in entrepreneurship at a young age. I've worked in startups since I was 16, with experience at numerous early stage companies. Today, I'm a Partner at the Dorm Room Fund, where I work with an incredible team to invest in student-founded companies at the seed stage.




    Being involved in social impact is a personal passion and obligation. Prior to my current commitments,  I worked as a pro bono consultant for the American Red Cross to provide an analysis on corporate social responsibility strategy for a CEO Roundtable. I worked closely with CSR executives from Google, Microsoft, Intel, and Novartis.




    I have been a lifelong Democrat. I am a cofounder of the Asian American Pacific-Islander (AAPI) Caucus within the Young Democrats of America. I am currently on the Technology Policy Committee for Gavin Newsom's campaign for Governor of California. I also regularly volunteer for field campaign operations for my local senators, congressmen, and city council members.




    My Asian American identity is an integral part of who I am. I am a member of the Leaders Forum. I founded and served as chair of the Asian American Pacific-Islander (AAPI) Alumni Council at my alma mater. I am proud to be serving the nation's fastest growing ethnic group at a university with one of the largest populations of Asian American students.




    Throughout my undergrad years, I was involved in fraternity life as a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha. In my senior year, I served as President of the Interfraternity Council. In the years following graduation, I served as Chair of the Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Association at UC San Diego and planned our 10th Annual Founder's Day.



    I've picked up a few skills over the years. They've come in handy.

    Martial Artist


    I trained in Tae Kwon Do for 7 years. I hold a 1st Degree Black Belt. I like to spar and fight with escrima sticks.


    Bhangra Dancer


    I was on a bhangra dance team in high school. We rocked it at the pep rally and I'm still a fan of the genre.


    Public Speaker


    I love giving speeches. I was ranked state champion in California for public speaking by Phi Beta Lambda for 3 years.


    Adept Trilingual


    My native tongue is Mandarin Chinese. I picked up English as a toddler. I'm working on my French.


    Novice Musician


    I don't get to practice like I used to, but I play the violin and the clarinet. I'm learning how to play the guitar.


  • I'm young, hungry, and ambitious.



    I don't need long to recharge and downtime is overrated anyway.


    Let's collaborate. Get in touch with me anytime.